MAY 11-12 2018


Jason Ballard

Jason Ballard is one of the hosts of the Alpha Youth Series and he is a pastor at Christian Life Assembly in Langley where he lives with his wife, Rachael, and three kids: Hudson, Mary and Millie. Find out more about Jason on instagram @jasonaballard and more about alpha at

Danielle Strickland

Danielle Strickland serves in The Salvation Army as an Officer – currently leading the social justice fight in the United States, Western Territory based in LA, California. Danielle loves Jesus and she loves people.  Her aggressive compassion has loved people firsthand in countries all over the world where she has embraced, learned, cared, evangelized, taught, and exhorted individuals and crowds to surrender to the boundless love of our great God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Danielle is the author of 5 books with her most recent being “The Ultimate Exodus: Finding Freedom From What Enslaves You.” She is host of DJStrickland Podcast, ambassador for Compassion International and stop the traffik. Danielle is a mom of 3, wife to @stephencourt and has been affectionately called the “ambassador of fun”.

Clayton King

At age 32, Clayton King has spoken to almost 2 million people since 1988 and has traveled in 44 states and 22 countries. He has led 200 mile backpacking expeditions to the Himalayas, made 7 trips to India, and nearly died of malaria in Africa. He was chased by the KGB in Moscow, Russia in 1992 and nearly killed by mortar fire in Kashmir in 1999. He has many stories to tell! He has written 3 books and hosted his own nationally syndicated radio show called “Clayton King Live” for 3 years. He was the 1991 National Secretary of the National Beta Club and has spoken to hundreds of thousands of students in public school assemblies, conferences and conventions about non-religious themes, such as sexual abstinence, peer pressure, and making right decisions.
Clayton has shared the stage with artists like Third Day, Audio Adrenaline, Rebecca St. James, Newsboys, and Charlie Hall. He works with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association in their Emerging Evangelists Institute and teaches on topics such as; marriage, music, missions, dating and relationships, post-modernism and youth ministry, the gospel in movies, filtering your culture, discipleship, mentoring, and sexual purity. However, the one thing that Clayton King is most passionate about is preaching the gospel; he is an evangelist above all else.
Clayton King’s early years on the farm taught him to value simplicity, family, and authenticity. He does not fake anything. He communicates clearly and with humor and can relate to any crowd from any background of any age. Clayton has been married to Charie since 1999 and they have a little boy named Jacob with another baby on the way in August of 2005. They love to travel, run, write, read, and watch movies. They are both obsessed with Jacob and constantly wonder what they will do with another one! Clayton loves his wife, the outdoors, 4 wheel drive vehicles, strong coffee, and tackle football. He still wants to go to Alaska and one day figure out math.

Ben Woodman (Event Host)

Ben is one of the co-hosts of the Alpha Youth Series. He and his wife Melissa live in Vancouver, Canada where, before joining Alpha, he was a youth pastor for 10 years. He is a huge fan of Bear Grylls, Bob Goff, and Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven from Stranger Things). One of the themes to his life and his teaching is how God loves to use ordinary, imperfect people to do extraordinary things. Find him on the social medias @benwoodman.